About Judah Freed

JUDAH FREED is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher (CRMT) for Usui, Karuna, Kundalini, Liberty, and Crystal Reiki. He is the developer of L’Chaim (Life) Reiki, which applies the esoteric power of Hebrew in the healing process. Judah offers healing services for people of all ages as well as for animals, plants and the earth. His practice includes the use of large crystal arrays (in which a person lays or sits) for amplifying healing energies. He further offers transformational counseling and life coaching services rooted in his training and experience in communication and personal growth process facilitation.

Actually, all this is only what Judah does, not who he is. Just like you, he is an orb of living light.

Energy Healing

Judah has been studying and practicing the healing arts since the 1970s. His studies took on fresh urgency in the 1990s. To help a close friend in Denver recover from a brain injury, he asked for training in Usui Reiki from Colorado master teacher Joanne Hibbert at the Center for Holistic Health in Lakewood, Colorado, who attuned him to Reiki Level I in 1997, Reiki II in 1998, and Reiki III in 1998.

In 1995 Judah became is a master crystologist in the internationally acclaimed quartz crystal array healing methods originated in Colorado by Melody (author of Love is in the Earth). He subsequently began practicing and teaching Crystal Reiki healing.

Judah began offer healing services publicly after his friends, who for years had been enjoying free treatments, kept saying he should go offer services professionally. He kept resisting, thinking it would not mesh with his journalism career. However, when four respected healers in six weeks told Judah in summer 2007 to stop being shy and go public, he asked traditional and nontraditional Reiki pioneer Marnie Vincolisi at Light Internal in Centennial, Colorado, to bless him with Master Teacher training and certification in Usui and Karuna Reiki, which he completed in autumn 2007.

For those interested, here is Judah’s Usui Reiki lineage:

  1. Dr. Mikao Usui (Founder and Grandmaster, Usui System of Natural Healing, Japan).
  2. Dr. Chiguro Hayashi, (Grandmaster, Japan).
  3. Dr. Hawayo Takata (Grandmaster, Kauai, Hawaii)
  4. Phyllis Lei Furumoto (Mrs. Takata’s granddaughter, Idaho)
  5. Victoria Lyndt (Germany).
  6. Marnie Vincolisi (Colorado).
  7. Judah Freed (Colorado and Kauai).

Judah subsequently was certified by Marnie Vincolisi in 2008 for Axiotonal Alignment (“The Reconnection”), then he was trained as an Axiotonal Alignment Master Teacher by Aurelia Taylor.

Judah completed his Kundalini Reiki master-teacher training in 2009, attuned by Colleen Murphy, who was attuned by Master Teachers Judith Wade and Marnie Vincolisi. Colleen Murphy also attuned Judah to Liberty Reiki in 1998.

In response to inner guidance, Judah Freed began in 2004 to “download” the techniques of L’Chaim (Life) Reiki, which uses Hebrew to significantly amplify the healing power.

In January 2010, Judah was trained and initiated as a giver of the Deeksha Oneness Blessing. He is active in the Kauai Oneness community and often participates in the Deeksha blessings in Kapaa at Lydgate Park, the Princeville Community Center and elsewhere.

Judah’s animal Reiki experience includes healing services for dogs, cats, and horses. All creatures great and small may be receptive to Reiki healing. Judah also offers experience with Reiki energy healing for plants and gardens, which can extend to entire farms.

Before moving to Kauai in 2010, Judah served in Denver, Colorado, as a certified healer and spiritual reader at the First Spiritual Science Church, at the Celebration Metaphysical Fair, and as the founder and director of the Denver Reiki Hub, which still serves the Reiki community in metro Denver. Here on Kauai, he is a member of Dolphin Touch Wellness Center in Kapaa.

Transformational Counseling and Coaching

Beyond training and experience as an energy healer, Judah further has extensive training and experience as a life coach. In the 1980s, he was trained and certified in advanced personal growth process facilitation by Cherie Carter Scott and associates from the Motivation lManagement Service. Applying a Socratic approach, the facilitation process features asking questions that help people find their own answers from within. Judah still coaches and facilitates personal transformation with this approach.

Judah also has benefit from extensive training and certification since 2005 from the ManKind Project, which includes emotional clearing techniques and transformative processes rooted in Jungian shadow work. His special interest in men’s issues extends back to the 1980s with service as co-founder and co-chair of the Colorado Men’s Network.

Judah’s has deep training in communication. He’s studied intrapersonal (within the self), interpersonal and organizational communication to earn a 1988 BA in Communication from the University Without Walls at Loretto Heights College (Regis University) followed by extended graduate research into organizational and public communication through the individualized MA program of Antioch University.

Complementary training in communication and therapeutic personal growth modalities includes certified courses and independent studies in Transactional Analysis (TA), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Voice Dialogue, Family Constellations Work, Gestalt Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Somatic psychology, Expressive therapy, and Integrative therapy.

Judah’s metaphysical studies and practices since the 1970s embrace dowsing, psychometry, Tarot, runes, sound healing, color therapy, astrology, multicultural shamanism, Human Design, Science of Mind (Earnest Holmes), Law of Attraction (Abraham-Hicks), and especially traditional Kaballah with an emphasis on ascending the Tree of Life. He is an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church.

Book Publishing Consulting

Judah offers coaching and consulting for authors and independent publishers. He is, the author and publisher of the book, MAKING GLOBAL SENSEJudah has been honored for writing the best personal growth book of the year and best social change book of the year. He hosted a special program on C-SPAN Book TV. Judah also is the author of a book on distance learning published in 1998 by The Financial Times in the UK.

Before he moved to Kauai, Judah was a director and the trade shows chair of the Colorado Independent, Publishers Association, president of the Colorado Authors League, a director of the Denver Press Club, and founder of the 900-member Denver Book Club. He is a member of, the Independent Book Publishers Association. Here on Kauai, he served in 2011 as the special sections editor of The Garden Island newspaper.

Judah offers professional Reiki services and classes.  Please contact him for details or to schedule an appointment. For more information on the full range of Judah Freed’s professional services, please see HokuHouse.com. For information about his book, Making Global Sense, visit the website.

DISCLAIMER: Judah Freed is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher practitioner. Reiki is compatible with other professional practices, yet any form of energetic healing should not in any way be construed as a substitute for professional medical, psychological, veterinary, or agrarian care. Like any practitioner of the intuitive arts, Judah Freed cannot and does not make any warranties or promises of efficacy for his services. The best he can do is open himself to the Light and help you be your own healer.

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