Animal & Garden Reiki

Along with his Reiki practice concentrating on healing for humans, Judah offers energetic Reiki treatments for animals, whether pets or livestock.

Canine, feline and equine Reiki are special interests, yet Judah has used Reiki on Kauai to help heal monk seals and other wildlife, too.

All the same healing modalities that work with humans also work with animals, yet animals often are more responsive because they sense the healing energy more readily than humans, plus they generally lack the mental and emotional blocks to healing too often found in us humans.

Judah further offers Reiki for plants, especially organic gardens and farms. Plants tend to be even more responsive to Reiki than animals.

Distance healing for humans, animals and plants is available upon request.

For more information, please call Judah Freed at 808-822-0545 or email.

DISCLAIMER: Judah Freed is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher practitioner. Reiki is compatible with other professional practices, yet any form of energetic healing should not in any way be construed as a substitute for professional medical, psychological, veterinary, or agrarian care. Like any practitioner of the intuitive arts, Judah Freed cannot and does not make any warranties or promises of efficacy for his services. The best he can do is open himself to be a channel for the Light, for you are your own healer.

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