What others say about Judah Freed

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  1. Marie L says:

    Thank you, Judah, for the the session we had at the Kauai Wellness Expo in February. I felt really peaceful afterwards, which was great by itself, but over the following few days, I started getting some unexpected insights into the life issues we had addressed during the session. These insights led to some big emotional breakthroughs for me, so I’m writing to say “mahalo” for the amazing quality of the work you are offering as an energy healer. I look forward to more sessions with you.

  2. Anna Barbara, musician, Switzerland says:

    Dear Judah
    The sessions we had together after the Wellness Expo on Kauai made a big impression on me and changed me somehow. I came every time with an issue and you found a different, creative way to work on it and I left enlightened by understanding more on a deeper level. I could let go quite a bit of old stuff and I’m grateful that you knew how to do this. I loved be lying between your crystals, never felt that energy before and how my body started adjusting to them, vibrating strongly and then calm down. I’m happy for this experience and thank not only you but above all the angels and whoever participated at it and allowed it to happen.

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