Crystal Arrays

A Deeper Level of Healing 

Transformational Healing with Crystal Arrays

Guided visualization and inner focus within full-sized quartz crystal arrays can generate penetrating energy fields that may produce lasting life changes on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Imagine laying or sitting in a large quartz crystal array as a means of  transforming your life energies.

As a Certified Reiki Master Teacher (CRMT and Certified Master Crystalogist, I offer healing sessions with large crystal arrays. So far as I know, I am the only healer on Kauai doing so.

Why use quartz crystals for healing? What’s so special about large crystal arrays?

Crystals have a natural ability to hold and magnify thought forms and emotions. When arranged into arrays big enough to lie or sit within, their vibratory energy can assist in healing, reprogramming and harmonizing on all levels — mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Your own natural healing and creative power is enhanced and focused, such as visualizing and embedding new life patterns.

For information or to schedule a session, contact Judah Freed at 808-822-0545 or send an email.

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Large Arrays as Amplifiers

Many healers place a few crystals on the chakras. However, the large crystal arrays used by Judah Freed (such as the heart pattern shown) often employ  dozens of crystals at once. The cumulative power of all the aligned crystals (when enhanced with focused thought and emotion by the person within the array) can produce profound and lasting life changes.

Each crystal array is customized to your  personal needs and issues (see picture for an example). As with a Reiki healing, no two sessions are alike. Crystal array healings may use Reiki, yet sessions  are separate.  If you wish to do both, a good sequence is Reiki  to release energy and then an array to set a new pattern.

As a Reiki master and intuitive, I work with you to create specific arrays to that amplify healing energies specific to you and your needs.  Session may involve shamanic visualization or other transformational techniques to help you produce lasting changes in your bodies and life scripts.


Judah Freed is certified as a Master Crystalogist trained through the Earth Love program in Denver, Colorado, founded by Melody, author of  Love is in the Earth, the thick encyclopedia detailing the healing properties of almost every crystal and mineral. More precisely, Judah applies the principles in Melody’s lesser known book, The Laying on of Stones, which presents dozens of well-tested crystals arrays for diverse specific treatments — physical, mental, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The arrays are based on symbols from cultures and traditions worldwide, including Hawaiian Huna arrays.

Laying on of Stones by Melody

Laying on of Stones by Melody

Judah additionally is trained in personal growth process facilitation through the Motivation Management Institute and The ManKind Project. He’s studied shamanic visioning from diverse traditions.

Ask about training and certification as a Reiki or Crystology healer.

NOTE: In selecting which array to use with each individual client, Judah will use muscle testing, dowsing and other methods in cooperation with the client to intuitively identify the array or arrays likely to be the most effective in generating lasting benefits.

For information or to schedule a session, contact Judah Freed at 808-822-0545 or send an email.

If Judah travels to your location or needs to arrange a location, related costs will be charged. 



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DISCLAIMER: Judah Freed is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher practitioner. Reiki is compatible with other professional practices, yet any form of energetic healing should not in any way be construed as a substitute for professional medical, psychological, veterinary, or agrarian care. Like any practitioner of the intuitive arts, Judah Freed cannot and does not make any warranties or promises of efficacy for his services. The best he can do is open himself to the Light empowering you to be your own healer.

 Last updated July 4, 2017

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