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Transformational Healing

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Transform your life.

Let your natural power flow with a Reiki session or crystal healing from Judah Freed, CRMT.

Judah Freed offers traditional and nontraditional Reiki healing sessions along with Reiki trainings and attunements. He works on Kauai and remotely. Judah also offers crystal array sessions as well as  Munay-Ki shamanic rites and Ajna Light pineal activation sessions.

Transformational Healing with Crystal Arrays

Full-sized quartz crystal arrays generate powerful energy fields that can produce lasting life changes on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Explore a profound level of energetic healing that helps you shift the core issues in your life.

Discover the penetrating power of a Reiki session or attunement with an experienced master teacher. Alternatively, imagine laying or sitting in a large quartz crystal array as a means of  transforming your life energies.

Judah Freed is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher (CRMT) and certified Crystalogist. He is the only independent healer on Kauai offering sessions with large crystal arrays.

Why use quartz crystals for healing? What’s so special about large crystal arrays?

Crystals have a natural ability to hold and magnify thought forms and emotions. When arranged into arrays big enough to lie or sit within, their vibratory energy can powerfully assist in healing, reprogramming and harmonizing you on all levels — mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Your own natural healing and creative power is dramatically enhanced.

Many healers place a few crystals on the chakras. However, the large crystal arrays used by Judah Freed (such as the heart pattern shown) often employ  dozens of crystals at once. The cumulative power of all the aligned crystals (when enhanced with focused thought and emotion by the person within the array) can produce profound and lasting life changes.

Each crystal array is customized to your  personal needs and issues (see picture for an example). As with a Reiki healing, no two sessions are alike.

Why choose Judah Freed?

Reiki master and intuitive Judah Freed works with you to create specific arrays to facilitate the alignment and transmission of healing energies specific to you and your needs. Often these session involve shamanic and other transformational techniques to produce lasting changes in one’s emotional and mental patterns or life scripts.

For information or to schedule a session, contact Judah Freed at 808-822-0545 or send an email.