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Judah Ken Freed, Editor & Publisher, Media Visions Journal

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The News: Who, What, When,
Where, Why & How?
. Asking the right questions is only the beginning. .






Welcome to the On-Demand Interactive News Biz

Or: 'Instant karma's gonna get you'

  • Pivotal political events are triggered by Web reports of facts and rumors. What of journalism ethical standards?
  • What are the duties, rights and responsibilities (public and private) of a free press in our digital age?
  • How does newsgathering and reporting for a website compare to print, radio or television news operations?
  • What is fundementally unique about online, interactive news?








All Begins with Interactivity


Communication Model



Facing the Challenges of
Online Reporting

When a nanosecond seems too slow

  • Competitive deadline pressures induce rushed research and shortcuts writing, improper sourcing for the sake of a scoop.
  • Sensationalism increases exponentially with the public demand for fresh stimulation, like extreme sports to feel alive.
  • Advertising and merchandising, twin forces, pushing products to build demand while demanding products to push.
  • Privacy, security and censorship issues arise as the technical capacity for snooping and filtering outpaces the law. Who sets standards and practices? Who watches the watchdogs?

TV Screen







Stick to the Fundamentals in
News Site Operations

The Five W's and two H's

  • Who are your customers? Who pays your bills?
  • What is your vision? What is your level of interactivity?
  • When within the news cycle are you posting your stories?
  • Where do your stories lead? Where do people want to go?
  • Why are you doing online news, putting it on the line daily?
  • How do you plan on sustaining and growing the venture?
  • How much does it cost and earn? Multidimensional profits.








Alternative Futures for
Interactive News

Finding Reasons for Faith

  • A new digital journalist is emerging, naturalized to delivering news-on-demand, comfortable with the fast deadlines, balancing rights and responsibilities as best one can, at heart like any journalist anytime, anywhere.
  • A new online news consumer is emerging, naturalized to having what they want, when they want it. Public demand will drive the private market. Unreliable news sources will lose market share. Quality is magnetic. Perseverance furthers.
  • Despite challenges, the future of Internet journalism feels upbeat so long as market forces allow a free press. Open networks mean open markets for interactive news.

Interactive Earth


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